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  WITH over 40 years combined experience in business, the  OvenCleanPlus Team still function at every level within the Company.
 Founder and Managing Director Warren Gleeson, who has experience  at all levels from man in a van to the operation  of his own multi-licensee

 operation – remains the driving force behind the company.


 Warren is supported by Peter Davies, utilising his wealth of experience  in corporate brand management, strategic planning and marketing to  further drive the company’s brand from strength to strength.

 Peter operates on the philosophy of "work to live - not live to work" and  brings this focus to the OvenCleanPlus Group.

 Warren says: “To have created an industry and become a leading brand  within that industry has always been my goal, but equally important is to

 have my family trust in the brand and successfully work within different  levels of  the business!”

 Very often licensor's use the term ‘family’ to describe the relationship  with their licensees, OvenCleanPlus can assure ‘family’ is more than a mere euphemism.



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Have the independence of YOUR own Business but NOT by yourself!



licenses are available in selected areas. You could be up and running in your own business quicker and easier than you think.


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 OvenCleanPlus -

 The Specialists.

0800 555 165



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